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Buy a Gift Card!
Buy a Gift Card!

"Cleaning Gift Card" can be purchased as follows:

- 2 hours at £10.00 each
- 4 hours at £9.00 each


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Hourly Rates:

Our hourly Commerical Rates ie. Offices,Business etc: (Enquire for for details).

Our hourly Domestic Rates:
Option 1. Hourly Rate : £9.50 (Inclusive All cleaning products & materials)
Option 2. Hourly Rate : £9.00 (Exclusive Cleaning products - To be supplied by customer)
Option 3. Hourly Rate : £12.50 - Spring cleaning
Option 4. Hourly Rate : £12.50 - After party cleaning

For ironing - Enquire for details.

Customer Bonus
Regular Customers* who use our services for over 1 Year will receive Free of charge 1 Single House Clean equal to approx 6hrs work.

(*Regular customers - 50 days per year)

Note: For costumers one off "Cleaning Gift Card" can be purchased from us as follows:

Buy a Gift Card!

- 2 hours at £10.00 each (2x£10.00=£20.00)
- 4 hours at £9.00 each (4x£9.00=£36.00)
All cleaning materials supplied!

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